Viper Bush Left Side


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This mask is handmade with urethane rubber
the mask is composed by different prostethics that can be rearranged as you wish. There are 2 bigger pieces, 2 small ones composed by multiple scales and finally some individual scales

the mask in the pictures is made with the colour 8 as primary colour and the colour 4 as secondary colour
the colours may vary a lot depending from the light



You need a glue suitable for the skin (I recommend the spirit gum, I personally use the Kryolan’s one. DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE OR SIMILAR. USE ONLY SPECIFIC GLUE SUITABLE FOR THE SKIN) and then apply it on the back, only on the external border of the mask. Be sure the glue won’t touch your eyebrows or beard (it could be a bit painful to remove later). Follow the instruction of your glue and press firmly the mask on your face in the wanted position aaaaand done!
Remove gently