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Why is your post about the materials no more available?

I blocked the post about the material that I use. Why?

The answer is pretty simple and I’ll try to explain it here.
I often get asked how I make my products and what materials I use and most of the time I get asked not because of simple curiosity but because people can’t afford my works and so they want to reproduce them themselves. Well, that’s not too nice isn’t it? I always try to be nice and I usually answer all the questions but I think that’s not fair. I spent a lot of months to find online where to buy my materials, and I made so many experiments before understanding what was the perfect material to have the finish I wanted and trust me, that was a lot of time. So why should I offer something I worked so hard to obtain for free?

I’m really sorry for this but, would you ask your baker the recipe of your favorite cake so that you can make it at home? So why ask an artisan what materials does he/she use and how to make the same things he/she does?

In the future I’ll try to make a complete tutorial with all the information needed and then I’ll put it on sale on my etsy shop so if you are interested in it, leave me a comment and follow my shop on etsy HERE or my facebook page HERE

I really hope you understand, thanks!


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