F. A. Q.

What material do you use? 

Everything I make is made with EVA foam, that I cut , glue, primer a and paint. I also use faux leather for some details.

Why EVA foam?

I use EVA foam because it allows to craft very unique pieces. It’s stiffer than fabrics but still flexible.

Are the corsets boned?

No, they’re not, but EVA foam it’s a  bit rigid so it’s like wearing a plastic boned corset.

I have an idea for a product that you don’t have, can you make something specific for me?

Yes, I make custom order, contact me here or on my Etsy shop for any infomations.

Do you sell only on Etsy?


Do you have any tutorials on how you make your products?

Sometimes I make timelapses of my work, you can find them on my YouTube channel HERE.